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Through the inspiration of a vision one Wednesday night, March of 2018, Joshua Blocker set out to found and start DaWay Entertainment, LLC, "The Place Where Kingdom Creativity Thrives". In this vision Joshua was able to see a store but not just your regular store, This store housed innovations, ideas, creativity,etc. The vision seemed bigger than himself and immediately he ran from it. Now accepting the challenge of reaching his destiny he set out to do entertainment HIS way. For Joshua entertainment was never about "fame" it has always been a ministry for him. Often saying,"If what you do is not meaningful to the soul of a person, You're just wasting time", Joshua has committed to telling real stories by all people with an agenda deeper than money and euphoria. The agenda to push here is helping, healing, and changing lives one story at a time. Why "Kingdom Creativity"? It is my understanding that creativity can't just be reduced to one way, be it my way or yours. One can only create from what inspires them but there no room for you or anybody to be "different", UNTIL NOW. Kingdom just simply means all People, regardless of race, gender, orientation, status, We all deserve to be heard, we all deserve the chance to express ourselves truthfully and freely because there is someone else out there, like us, that needs to feel seen. DaWay Entertainment is not just about Joshua, it's about creating room for you too!!

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Joshua Blocker,


DaWay's Place is another way you can wear your support for DAWAY ENTERTAINMENT. Each dollar is used to fund projects and is placed back into the business for growth and development.